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- The confirmation is to be reconfirmed in written on the day of Stem by the Buyer, otherwise the pertaining deal will be considered null and void which will keep the Seller and/or the Supplier out of any responsibility.

- Any remark or stamp on the bunker delivery receipt such as ''the bunker is received for account of charterer or third party" will be invalid. The buyer orders the bunker on behalf of the registered legal owners.

- The Seller shall have right to take any legal actions before the courts in any country either to a) pursue the merits of a claim against the OwnerslBuyer before any Court or by New York arbitration clause of 15 (b) of Bimco Standard Bunker Contract (b) as interim measure of protection in order to securing payment of any amount due from the owners/buyer against the vessel

- The Bunker Oil supplied to the Vessel is sold and delivered on the credit of the Vessel, as well as on the promise of the Buyer to pay therefore, and the Buyer agrees and warrants that the Seller shall have and may assert a maritime lien against the Vessel

- Wharfage, overtime and all other local charges and/or taxes, if any and not mentioned in confirmation will be at Buyer's account.

- If Buyer begins to take delivery or requests delivery to begin outside the running 48 hours range of the stated ETA of the vessel, Seller shall be entitled to amend its agreed selling price under the contract, to cancel the nomination or to calculate an extra barging fee.

- In any case the Buyer must give not less than 24/12 hours notice, in writing by telefax or confirmed Email, (Sundays and holidays, whether by low or by custom of the port, excepted) to the Seller and/ or to the vessel's agent in the port of loading of vessel's readiness to receive delivery, otherwise any demurrage claim will not be accepted by the Seller and/or the Supplier.

- Prior to the delivery, water contamination test and quantity control of the barge should be witnessed/confirmed on the delivery receipt by the Ship's staff.

- It is the chief Engineer of the vessel's duty to ensure that the marine bunker are received in good order.

- The quantity of bunkers delivered shall be determined from the gauges of Sellers's shore tanks, or the barges effecting delivery or by the Seller's oil meter, at the Seller's option. In gauging shore tanks or barges the chief engineer of the respective vessel or his representative shall jointly with Seller's representative measure and verify the quantity of bunkers delivered from tanks from which deliveries are being made. Should said chief engineer or his representative fail or decline to verify quantities, measurements of quantities made by the Seller as aforesaid shall be final, conclusive and binding as to quantities sold and delivered, and in any such event the Buyer shall have waived all claims for variance.

- Complains concerning quantity shall have to be submitted to the Seller immediately upon completion of delivery, failing which the rights to complain or to claim compensation of whatever nature will be waived for all times.

- Complains concerning quality shall have to be submitted to the Seller in writing within 14 days after delivery, failing which the rights to complain or claim compensation of whatever nature will be waived for all times.

- All supplies are subject to weather permitting

- Delivery and marine bunker in compliance with ISO 8217:2005 AND REGULATIONS OF MARPOL 73/78 ANNEX VI.
All other terms in accordance with the Seller's General Terms and Conditions of Sale

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